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  • DDIra is a cloud system conceived for dental and medical school as a remote digital teaching method, through augmented reality.
  • DDIra is the first worlwide e-learning platform with remote unique implementation of smartglasses device connection. Through the smartglasses device, DDIra displays to students the list of operations to perform.
  • Inside DDIra platform, with Glassesbinar function, the Tutor can also create live streaming and share video of special events or surgical operations.

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DDIra is the first e-learning platform, with a worldwide unique implementation, using smart glass devices. Through the smart glass devices, DDIra displays to the students/operators the list of operations to be performed. Thanks to the Wi-Fi (over 4G/5G) we get a bidirectional real-time sharing: the Tutor can see and lead the student’s activity from his digital desk (through text, video, audio or slideshow), and the students can see what the Tutor is performing. DDIra allows the Tutor and the students to have the same point of view ( POV ), throughout the whole lesson.


Theoretical-Practice's Undergraduate Teaching Area, which proposes the remote control and management of the teacher on the procedures performed by the student.

Theoretical Practical's Postgraduate didactic area with remote tutor and very close interactivity features.


The platform uses smart glasses devices, which allow the student to:

  • Receive from Tutor the sequence of operations to be performed (ie a course or a procedural protocol set);
  • Send, via Wi-Fi, the environment in which we are in front of a patient or dummy, video and other audio information.

The Digital Teacher Desk (DTD) is the tutor's control workstation, connected via the Internet to the DDIra system, which allows you to monitor the student's activity.

Courses's Library.
The Teacher/Tutor can set in the system, the protocols in the Courses's Library, assigning the Course Title and the sequence protocols using slids, videos or audios, media. These Courses so prepared will be recalled when the lessons will be activated.

Managing the Lessons.
Activate a lesson is very easy, by choosing the Course from the Courses library, and inserting the Lesson Title. Now you are waiting for the arrival of the students. A list will show all students who are connected through the devices. When the Tutor decid, the lesson will start.


By entering the lesson frame and clicking on the students's name list, you start the streaming that the student's webcam device is resuming. The shooting can be with a digital 1-10x zoom lens.

It is possible to send a message to the student, or by taking a screen-shot from the streaming video, and draw as in Pait-brush, identifying an area, to make understud the student's the correct action. Then send the modified screen-shot to the student device.

After sending the screenshot, you can operate the mouse pointer on the screenshot and in the same time the pointer points to the device glasses, pointing to the same point of interest.

In the tools menù, by pressing Lessons Comparation , all tutorials performed by Tutor are being displayed. Then, from this list, select the one you need check and the students to compare. By pressing the start button you can to review the session of the compared students.

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With DDIra, you can also create live streaming and share videos of special events or surgical operations. With the glasses on and activating the connection through a dedicated function, one can send links to invite people to partecipate in the event. The session is interactive and with the meeting invitation, the Tutor decide who can ask questions direcly to Tutor. The session is recorded and it is possible to review later.

The IT Software

PISETTA I&E SRLs was established with the aim of offering to the market a range of platform software, specialized in the mangemnet of dental clinics. Develop DeOR Dentist Organizer, the first management software in graphic mode with interactive odontogram, meeting professional University teachers start the application DDIra to support them in the remote tutoring. Now platform DDIRA (with an unique experience) offers a platform for digital teaching and remote innovation with webinar and real Point Of View.

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